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Al Yusr Term Finance

Term Finance businesses can really trust

Whether you want to fund a start-up or are expanding your existing business, Al Yusr is the perfect partner for Shari`a-compliant finance.

With Al Yusr Term Finance, you can fulfill the financing requirement of your business to acquire and set up the plant, equipment, machinery and other relevant assets with a tenure of up to 10 years. At the same time, you can rest assured that the arrangement is entirely Shari`a compliant and endorsed by a panel of respected Islamic scholars. It is Term Finance that you can really trust.  

How does it work in practice?

Al Yusr Term Finance is based on the "Ijarah Muntahia Bittamleek" concept. Under an Ijarah contract, you have the right to benefit from the use of an asset for a set period in return for a consideration.

The steps are straight forward:
  • You approach us with a request for term financing to purchase plant, equipment, machinery and other relevant assets
  • We will purchase the asset required for Ijarah (as per your specification and quotation) and receive the title of Ownership from the seller. We can directly purchase the assets from the seller or appoint you as our agent to purchase the assets on behalf of Al Yusr
  • After we`ve completed the purchase, we will lease the assets to you
  • You will start making the periodic installment payments, as per the contract
  • The asset title will be transferred to you on the basis of the agreement

Features and benefits of Al Yusr Term Finance

  • Available to finance the purchase of plant, equipment, machinery and other relevant asserts that you need for your business / factory
  • Maximum financing tenure upto 10 years
  • No maximum financing cap*
  • Attractive pricing
  • Refinancing / Transfer of existing loans from conventional banks is available
  • A team of expert relationship managers available to discuss your requirements, offering tailored financing packages to meet your specific business needs

*Terms and conditions apply

All resident / non-resident corporate and commercial enterprises

Is it fully Shari`a compliant?
Yes. All products offered by Al Yusr are reviewed and approved by the Bank`s Shari`a Supervisory Board

Documents Required
  • Last audited balance sheet
  • Bank statements for last one year
  • Full set of commercial registration documents
  • Trade license (if applicable)
  • ID / passport copy of all the directors / partners / owners of the company
  • Letter from Omani national partners / sponsors (if applicable)
  • Business proposal
  • Feasibility report of the proposed business/project (for new companies or projects)
  • Any other documents required by the Bank`s policy and procedures
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