Debit Card

The new & vibrantly designed Al Yusr Visa EMV (Chip based) Debit Cards is the perfect combination of global reach and acceptability along with real-time convenience of an ATM card. Whether it is for dining, shopping, travelling or emergencies, your Al Yusr Visa Debit Chip Card is a secure payment solution without the need to carry cash.

  • Highly secure new chip & pin feature ensures better protection from fraudulent transactions.
  • Available in different categories offering personalized features and daily usage limits.
  • Receive real-time SMS updates for transactions conducted on your Al Yusr Debit Card and keep track of your account with confidence and security.
  • Accepted at over 30 million locations with more than a million Visa ATM’s globally and over 135 OAB ATMs across the Sultanate.
  • Convenient new card replacement process through SMS alerts.