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Al Yusr Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposits that businesses can really trust

You need a product that helps your business to meet your financial goals. But can you also be sure that it complies with Islamic values? Al Yusr Fixed Deposit is endorsed by respected scholars, so you can be certain the deposit conforms to the principles of Shari`a. At the same time, you can take advantage of a variety of tenors – depending on your business needs. In short, Al Yusr is a name you can really trust.

The product is based on the Shari`a contract of "Mudarabah", which is a trust-based, profit-sharing arrangement. You act as "Rab al-Maal", providing funds, while the Bank takes on the role of "Mudarib" – managing and investing them on your behalf. The aim is to earn Shari`a-compliant profits which we can share.

How does it work in practice?

Al Yusr Fixed Deposit has been established as Al Mudarabah Al Mutlaqa (Unrestricted Mudarabah). This means that the Bank – acting as Mudarib – is authorized to invest in any manner as it deems appropriate, as long as it reflects normal business practice and remains compliant with Shari`a. Any profit from the venture is shared between you and the Bank on an agreed Profit Sharing Ratio (PSR).

Features and benefits of Al Yusr Fixed Deposit

Who benefits from Al Yusr?

All resident / non-resident corporate and commercial companies including small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). You can invest in Al Yusr Fixed Deposits without compromising your religious beliefs.

Is it fully Shari`a compliant?
Yes. All products offered by Al Yusr are reviewed and approved by the Bank`s Shari`a Supervisory Board

  • Available in Omani Rial and other major foreign currencies
  • Flexible deposit tenors, depending on your business needs
  • In line with the concept of "Mudarabah", the Bank places your funds in a pool of Shari`a compliant assets. The profit-sharing participation ratio (weightage) is assigned based on various fixed-deposit tenors available under this product between you and the Bank. The longer your tenor, the more likely the ratio will result in better chances of higher profit.
  • Flexible options to maximise your returns by reinvesting either the principal or both the principal and profit at maturity

Al Yusr Fixed Deposits are available for various tenors depending on your unique business needs

Historical Profit Rate Sheet

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