Corporate Banking

Small and Medium Enterprises

At Al Yusr, we understand your business needs and always aim for smooth and steady relationships. We have a strong presence in Oman through our parent bank since the early 1970s and have grown into an award-winning financial institution.

We are now building on this legacy with our wide range of Shari’a compliant Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) products and services designed to cater for the banking needs of your business organization.

Our dedicated SME Banking team combines Shari’a expertise with strong business acumen to offer you the best of both worlds – a comprehensive range of banking services at an international standard, as well as wide variety of Shari’a compliant products and services.

The products are specially designed to meet your business needs by drawing on best practice in other markets and tailoring what we offer to the Omani context. The products are based on well-known Shari’a contracts, such as Murabaha, Diminishing Musharakah, Ijarah, etc.

Please find below the list of financing products tailor made to meet the business requirements of SME customers:

Al Yusr Murabaha Finance:

Al Yusr allows you to access short-term financing for the goods your business needs to purchase making it ideal for facilitating your short-term financing needs.

Al Yusr Term Finance:

Al Yusr Term Finance lets you acquire the plant, equipment machinery and other relevant assets needed to set-up or expand your business, safe in the knowledge that it is compliant to Shari’a requirements.

Al Yusr Commercial Real Estate Finance:

Al Yusr Commercial Real Estate Finance offers Shari’a Complaint financing solution for the commercial real estate projects be it a ready/completed property, financing to construct the property or take over/buy out of existing loan/finance from other banks.

Al Yusr Commercial Vehicle Finance:

Al Yusr commercial Vehicle Finance gives your business the head start you want, the Shari’a compliant way. Whether it is cars, trucks, bulldozers or any type of vehicles, we finance them all and help your business grow.

To apply and for more information please call Al Yusr Corporate Banking team on +968 24 754 689

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