Security Tip

Card Protection

Security Tips for Card Usage

  • Keep your bank card in a safe place and never share your card details with anyone.
  • Do not share your PIN via Email/ SMS and never use the same PIN for other services.
  • Do not write down your ATM PIN. You should always memorize it.
  • If you have lost your card, immediately call your branch or contact “Al Yusr 24/7” Call Center on +968 24 754 666 to block/cancel it.
  • For security reasons, create a strong password that contains numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and include special character.
  • Inform the bank in writing of changes to your email address & contact number by contacting the branch or calling “Al Yusr 24/7” Call Center
  • Please do not allow merchants to swipe your payment cards at their cash registers after the transaction is approved in response to the first swipe.